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Various projections of hyperbolic kaleidoscopic images

Similarly to the earlier post “Different projections of spherical kaleidoscopic images” I am now showing the same kaleidoscopic image using different projections you can use in my kaleidoscope browser app http://geometricolor.ch/sphericalKaleidoscopeApp.html. It primarily generates images as Poincaré discs. A typical result … Continue reading

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Variations on the hyperbolic kaleidoscope

In the last post I have presented a hyperbolic kaleidoscope with two- and three-fold rotational symmetries. Could we have other rotational symmetries? Yes, we simply move the vertical lines! To get an n-fold rotational symmetry the circle has to intersect … Continue reading

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A hyperbolic kaleidoscope

In “creating symmetry” Frank Farris shows a wallpaper for hyperbolic space. He uses the Poincaré plane to project the hyperbolic space to our Euclidean drawing surface. The wallpaper then results from mirror symmetries at vertical lines at x=0 and x=0.5 … Continue reading

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