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A fractal tiling of both octahedral and icosahedral symmetry

I want to show you a fractal tiling which can be seen as a decoration of a sphere with octahedral symmetry and at the same time as another decoration of a sphere with icosahedral symmetry. It arises as the limit … Continue reading

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Various projections of hyperbolic kaleidoscopic images

Similarly to the earlier post “Different projections of spherical kaleidoscopic images” I am now showing the same kaleidoscopic image using different projections you can use in my kaleidoscope browser app http://geometricolor.ch/sphericalKaleidoscopeApp.html. It primarily generates images as Poincaré discs. A typical result … Continue reading

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Straight lines in elliptic and hyperbolic space

A straight line is the shortest path between two points. Discussing curved space we would better call them geodesic lines to avoid confusion. I want to discuss these geodesic lines for surfaces of a sphere, elliptic space and hyperbolic space. … Continue reading

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How to program fast kaleidoscopes

This post repeats parts of earlier posts but I am trying to expand the ideas and explain them better. First, I am showing you how to make rosettes with rotational symmetry and mirror symmetry. This is easier than making kaleidoscopic images, … Continue reading

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Further hyperbolic kaleidoscopes

In the last post I have used reflections at two parallel lines and a circle to get a Poincaré plane that shows a periodic decoration of hyperbolic space. What happens if the straight lines are not parallel and intersect? Then … Continue reading

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