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A hyperbolic kaleidoscope

In “creating symmetry” Frank Farris shows a wallpaper for hyperbolic space. He uses the PoincarĂ© plane to project the hyperbolic space to our Euclidean drawing surface. The wallpaper then results from mirror symmetries at vertical lines at x=0 and x=0.5 … Continue reading

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two circles

Lately I have played around with inversion at circles trying to find some new kind of fractals. Thus I found a simple mapping that gives interesting designs. They are not fractal, instead overlapping circles appear. Inversion at a single circle … Continue reading

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Variations on a star

I still have a lot to do on tilings of 12-fold rotational symmetry – but summer is too hot to do serious work. Meanwhile I amuse myself with iterative decorations. Two triangles superimposed form a six-pointed star. This is a … Continue reading

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