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Falling down

Everything seems to break down and even the staircase crumbles … Well, the original photo shows good stairs in greyish colors. I used the method of the last post to get more color. Random displacements in vertical direction distort the … Continue reading

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Photos that look ok, often give dull results if seen through a kaleidoscope. Seeing the abstract symmetrical image, I expect more vivid colors. Thus I searched for a way to increase the color saturation to a maximum. Using the hue-saturation-brightness … Continue reading

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cellular automaton on the semiregular tesselation of squares and octagons

For a change I am looking again at cellular automatons. The results using a square lattice were not really satisfying, see “cellular automaton with color on a square lattice“. There, horizontal and vertical lines dominated too much. To get different … Continue reading

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More magic mirrors

For a kaleidoscope with six-fold rotational symmetry and using three distinct colors I made up a new kind of mirrors that exchanges colors cyclically. That means that color number one becomes color number 2 in the mirror image. Then color … Continue reading

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Magic Kaleidoscope

In “How to program an ideal kaleidoscope” I have shown how to imitate an ideal kaleidoscope. But we can do more. As an example, I modified the program to have mirrors that invert the colors and give the negative of … Continue reading

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Imitating Vasarely

The artist Vasarely is quite well-known for his abstract geometrical designs. One of the favorites uses a square lattice with a simple design. The lattice is distorted and its cells enlarged at the center. The image then seems to bulge … Continue reading

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Nautilus (2)

I can’t resist putting some of Muybridges “Animals in Motion”  into the logarithmic spiral of the last post. I do similarly as in “Running in circles” and get:

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