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waves – a browser app for creating quasiperiodic wallpapers

I have made a browser app that lets you create quasiperiodic wallpapers. You find it at . It uses a symmetric superposition of waves as proposed by Frank Farris and presented by Erica Klarreich in the Quantamagazin in “How … Continue reading

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Inversion in a single circle

You might think that discussing the inversion in a circle is somewhat underwhelming. But, as I am using multiple inversion in many circles to create fractal images, I found that there are some important ideas you will not find so … Continue reading

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Various projections of hyperbolic kaleidoscopic images

Similarly to the earlier post “Different projections of spherical kaleidoscopic images” I am now showing the same kaleidoscopic image using different projections you can use in my kaleidoscope browser app It primarily generates images as Poincaré discs. A typical result … Continue reading

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Double spirals

In the post “Spirals” I have shown how to transform periodic Euclidean tilings into logarithmic spirals. A typical result looks like that: The spiral has a center at the origin and goes out forever. Actually, it spirals not only around … Continue reading

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Different projections of spherical kaleidoscopic images

As you are here, I suppose that you might be interested in the TilingBot living on twitter. Each day it posts the image of a new tiling. Have a look at and become its follower. I have fun to recognize … Continue reading

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Anti-aliasing for improving image quality

About a year ago I have briefly shown in my post “smoothing images” that averaging can be important to get good images without pixel noise. For my kaleidoscope app, see, I have improved on these ideas and that’s what … Continue reading

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Bridges 2018 Stockholm

I have been at the Bridges 2018 conference in Stockholm to present my work on kaleidoscopes. My paper “Kaleidoscopes for Non-Euclidean Space” has more details than this blog and is more coherent. The Bridges Organization, which promotes connections between mathematics … Continue reading

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