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rainbow flakes

Snowflakes cannot make rainbows, but what would it look like if they could. That’s not science – that’s fiction, based on a modified cellular automaton.

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better snowflakes

The artificial snowflakes of my earlier post have several defects in comparison to real snowflakes. First, the arms split up into five arms. But for real snowflakes they mostly split up only into three arms. Second, the edges should be … Continue reading

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Fake snowflakes

As mentioned earlier in “The benefit of programming┬ámistakes” I wanted to make a computer program that creates snowflake images. Something that resembles Bentley’s photos. Thus I made up a modified cellular automaton, that designs ornaments of four-fold symmetry, see the … Continue reading

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I love the photographs of snowflakes by W. A. Bentley. From Dover Publications you can get a CD-rom with more than 500 pictures scanned in and ready to use on your computer. This is fantastic. As it is quite hot … Continue reading

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