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Bridges 2018 Stockholm

I have been at the Bridges 2018 conference in Stockholm to present my work on kaleidoscopes. My paper “Kaleidoscopes for Non-Euclidean Space” has more details than this blog and is more coherent. The Bridges Organization, which promotes connections between mathematics … Continue reading

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quasiperiodic patterns of 5-fold symmetry from 5 dimensional space

I now want to see some images. Using a photo of a caterpillar as input image I get I used the simplest quasiperiodic mapping functions resulting from the theory of the last post and A pixel at position (x,y) gets … Continue reading

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Creating Symmetry

Recently I found a very exciting book: “Creating Symmetry – The Artful Mathematics of Wallpaper Patterns” by Frank A Farris. It has many¬†beautiful¬†images and explains the mathematics behind them very well, such that you could do your own work. His … Continue reading

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I was looking at the waves resulting from stones thrown into a lake. This made me think of an anamorphosis, that simulates these troubled reflections. It is actually quite simple. The center of the coordinate system is in the middle. … Continue reading

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Photos that look ok, often give dull results if seen through a kaleidoscope. Seeing the abstract symmetrical image, I expect more vivid colors. Thus I searched for a way to increase the color saturation to a maximum. Using the hue-saturation-brightness … Continue reading

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cellular automaton on the semiregular tesselation of squares and octagons

For a change I am looking again at cellular automatons. The results using a square lattice were not really satisfying, see “cellular automaton with color on a square lattice“. There, horizontal and vertical lines dominated too much. To get different … Continue reading

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Experiments with waves

I extended the program that mixes waves to get some more decorative and less scientific pictures. Using n=9 and a nonlinear color model gives:

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