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Periodic and quasiperiodic images from cross-sections of 4-dimensional space

In the earlier post “Quasiperiodic designs from waves and higher dimensional space” I have shown that the quasiperiodic wave pattern with 8-fold rotational symmetry is a special cross-section of a periodic pattern in  4-dimensional space. Here I will rotate the … Continue reading

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Morphing the tiling of octagons and squares in space

An animated morphing of quasiperiodic tilings passes perhaps too rapidly. As tilings repeat throughout space it is quite natural to show their morphing depending on the position in  space or on the computer screen. This we can examine more easily. … Continue reading

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Morphing the Ammann-Beenker tiling

We can vary the dualization method in many ways. Here we play with the Ammann-Beenker tiling and use different lengths for the lines generated by the first square grid and the second square grid. This produces squares of different sizes … Continue reading

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