complex numbers – the code

// see the last post "using complex numbers" for more details
class Complex{
  float x,y;

  Complex(float xp,float yp){

  // addition
    Complex add(Complex two){
    return new Complex(x+two.x,y+two.y);

  // multipliction  
  Complex mult(Complex two){
    return new Complex(x*two.x-y*two.y,x*two.y+y*two.x);

  //  complex conjugation (inverting the sign of the imaginary part)
  Complex cc(){
    return new Complex(x,-y);

  // "inversion"= 1/z
  Complex invers(){
    float rsq=x*x+y*y+1E-10;
    return new Complex(x/rsq,-y/rsq);

  //  n-th power of z  
  Complex pwr(int n){
    Complex result=new Complex(x,y);
    float h;
    for (int i=2;i<=n;i++){
    return result;

  //  absolute value, squared
    float rsq(){
    return x*x+y*y;
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