Going back

For some time I had other work to do and could not occupy myself with this blog. Now I am back. Unfortunately, I have great difficulties to understand my own programs that generated all these images. This is not surprising. Usually I am programming rapidly a hack to get results.

I want to do better now and write good programs that explain clearly my methods. Then I will publish the programs in this blog, such that you can use them to do your own experiments.

I will try to use object-oriented programming, although I have grown up with procedural programming languages such as Fortran and Pascal. Thus, if you find programming errors or stupidities please make a comment. In general I prefer to do simple straightforward programming, such that the code can easily used for other programming languages. Note that I am using here processing, which is essentially Java. But it should be easy to modify the programs and get them running on JavaScript or C++

As one says: „an image is worth more than thousand words“. Similarly, a clearly structured program may be more important than a long explanation. This is the main idea for the following posts.


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