Imitating Vasarely

The artist Vasarely is quite well-known for his abstract geometrical designs. One of the favorites uses a square lattice with a simple design. The lattice is distorted and its cells enlarged at the center. The image then seems to bulge out of the plane towards the observer. This can easily be reproduced on the computer.

We use a kaleidoscopic input image giving the square lattice. The distortion is a simple anamorphosis. We put the origin of the coordinate system in the middle of the image. Each pixel then has its coordinates x and y. We calculate the distance r of the pixel from the origin and multiply its coordinates with a suitable function f(r) of this distance. The pixel gets its color from the position at coordinates f(r)*x and f(r)*y of the input image.

A mildly varying function that contracts the points towards the center results in something resembling Vasarely:

v5But we can be bolder and try stronger distortions. This gives us entirely new kind of pictures:


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