A fractal kaleidoscope


Iterative scheme: Lighter colors correspond to higher iteration numbers. The black lines show the mirror lines of the kaleidoscope.

– whatever that means. I got the idea from the exterior snowflake and the Koch snowflake. They both are fractal curves and are discussed in Wikipedia and Wolfram math world. But I slightly modified the iteration scheme. I start with a hexagon. Then I place at each corner of the hexagon a smaller hexagon. Their centers are at the corners of the hexagon and the middle of their sides are at the middle of the sides of the large hexagon. The sides of the smaller hexagons have right angles to the sides of the large hexagon. This can be repeated, see the figure at the right. The sides of the hexagons are mirror lines as well as the lines going from the center of the hexagon to the corners or the middle of the sides. Here too it is possible to join triangle pieces of an original image together without mismatches:


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