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Verena Loewensberg

You now maybe some of the abstract geometric painters such as Piet Mondrian, Max Bill or Georges Vantangerloo. Recently, I saw an exhibition of the works of Verena Loewensberg. She too has made some very interesting geometric paintings. Just check … Continue reading

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Ginkgo leaf

Now, nearly all leaves have fallen. Some time ago I found some wonderful golden-yellow ginkgo leaves and scanned them in. But this is simply a poor imitation of nature. Trying to get something new, I increase contrast and sharpen structures. … Continue reading

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Another rotation from four- to eight-fold rotational symmetry

There are different possibilities to orient a four-dimensional periodic pattern around the two-dimensional drawing plane such that we see a periodic pattern of four-fold rotational symmetry. In contrast to the last post we will now use a symmetric choice. The … Continue reading

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