Twofold color symmetry in rotation

Thinking of a checkerboard I wanted to do something similar with quasiperiodic tilings.

5x5 black and white checker.The checkerboard is a square grid with two colors. A rotation by 90 degrees around a corner exchanges the colors, but else the board remains the same. The four-fold rotational symmetry is thus a twofold color symmetry. Similarly, we can have a twofold color symmetry for  the quasiperiodic tiling. A rotation by 45 degrees then exchanges the color of the tiles. Thus we have to use two distinct colors for the squares and two distinct colors for the rhombs. The orientation of the tiles determines their color.

The result depends strongly on the colors we choose. An example:

Quasiperiodic tiling with twofold color symmetry of the eightfold rotation.

Using greys, we get rather different pictures if we put strong contrast on the squares:

Twofold color symmetry with stronger contrast between squares.

or on the rhombs:

Two color symmetry with the stronger contrast on the rhombs.

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